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Assistance to persons in the event of illness or injury

Transportation, repatriation Actual costs
Coffin costs 765€
Return of beneficiary under 15 One way and return shall be limited to 80€ per day ans to a duration of 2 consecutive days

Legal assistance

Advance of criminal bail 15300€
Legal costs 3100€

Reimbursement of medical expenses in case of accident

Of an insured sport activity 10000€ in a foreign country - 500€ in home country
The payment of emergency dental costs 153€
Deductible 15€

Research & rescue

Rescue on track or off track 5000€

Sports training interruption cover

Reimbursement of services not used in the event of medical reason for sport activity Prorata temporis with 300€ per claim

Civil liability

Bodily injuries other than those taking place in the USA/CANADA

4 500 000€
Bodily injuries taking place in the USA/CANADA 1 000 000€
Damages and financial consecutive losses 45 000€
Deductible 150€

Rental civil liability

Damages and financial losses caused to real property and furniture under the rental contract 500 000€
Damages caused to furniture listed in the liste attached to the rental contract 10 000€
Deductible 500€

Defence and claim

Defence and claim 20 000€
Deductible 380€
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